Unit: MW

UNIT: million $


Ground Mounting: 2016

Hongseong: 3MW

Saemangeum : 10.8MW

Andong : 2 MWP Grouting PILE

NEMO continue expanding the market with superior material and new construction process

Rooftop Mounting

3.0 MW @LG Electronic Plant

NEMO can design solar plant any place on the building, on flat roof, new slope roof and retrofit current roof at lowest cost.

Project Plant
:Electrical and Construction Division

NEMO is acquiring more than 1.3 million m2 to develop 71 MW, it’s own plant in Korea

Acquiring land, permit process, civil work and construction for final test. NEMO has Electrical and Construction Division in order to provide seamless process for customer.

Nemo Steel Floating System

Shiwha Lake Pilot Project (salty water): TEST BED

Nemo will continue research the system if the product can prove corrosion resistance of steel structure in the sea water.