Key members of Nemo Eng. have many year background in steel roll forming and panel industry. With over 100 years experiences, NEMO entered solar energy business in 2015 to utilize their experience and specialties in steel industry. The first mission is utilizing the best material to provide the long-lifestructure of solar power plant. In Korea, 100% of structural member were made by zinc coated steel which cannot protect the rust after installation in ground and roof. NEMO start to apply Posmac, Steel material which provide 25 years rust free guaranty from POSCO, and keep research various design of structure. At a same time, NEMO designed automatic production to maximize rust proof function


NEMO have been installed over than 100MW rooftop and ground mounted solar systems in Korea since 2015. We will expand our market up to 150MW in 2018. As a result of these effort our sales volume increased more than 300% than 2015. Since NEMO involve Solar Energy industry, we begin create innovative product, such as “NEMO steel floating solar system” for Water Solar Power Plant. Most floating system of water solar power plant is plastic floating material and found many problems due to crack of plastic material. NEMO study steel alternative to improve the weakness of plastic.

We will pursue our effort to expand various renewable energy worldwide and reduce cost to improve investor’s ROI through long life steel floating system

Will work together with our customer for better Eco-friendly, Renewable Energy!!!

Will keep reengineering effort, manufacturing and construction abilities allows NEMO’s growth and brand name in Korea.